unltd.fm live broadcasting service for DJs
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    Default unltd.fm live broadcasting service for DJs

    Hi guys,

    remember the survey I asked you to help me out with ? We just released the website for our new service : unltd.fm and I would love to get your feedback here on DJTT forums.

    unltd.fm is a live broadcasting service dedicated to DJs, in a few words we're creating a global internet radio with unlimited spots. We take care of tech stuff, reporting to royalties societies and we bring in the listeners according to the music you play.

    Here are our main features :

    We make live broadcasting easy, no extra software, no plugin, no flash with crappy encoding. Get high quality / low latency broadcasting just by using your browser ( chrome recommended at the moment )
    You can plug-in your DJ equipment / Audio interface or use the in-browser decks ( for simple stuff ).

    Our service is using a fingerprinting algorithm that detect the tracks you are playing while you're playing and help you get discovered by listeners thanks to smart recommendation.
    I other words, we'll find listeners that like what you play.

    We also offer realtime feedback to the tracks you play, realtime interaction with the listeners through twitter and instagram, helping your show to grow viral.
    And also realtime analytics so you know how you're doing.

    I would love to heard the feedback from the DJTT community, this will highly help us improve our service to fit your needs best !

    if you're interested in trying out the product first, join the BETA program on the website ( spreading the word will also help us get visibility ) and you can contact me on DJTT forums, I'll stick around.

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