MF Twister: Snapshot & step sequencer problem
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    Question MF Twister: Snapshot & step sequencer problem

    Hello guys,

    I have a few (2) problems with my twister and i wanted to post it here before i make a support-ticket, just in case i am too dumb and the solution is easy

    1) Snapshots wont stay in memory:

    I edit the preexisting patters to my liking, leaving the first one empty as a kind of fallback, go to the snapshot page, press an empty slot to save it, leave the page and power the twister it off. After re-plugging and reloading the snapshot, this happens: only the first pattern i made (second slot) is saved,put onto the first slot which i wanted to be empty, and all the others are the default ones.

    Are the default patterns not to be able to edited and saved? Am i understanding something wrong?

    2) patterns dont play correctly.

    Simply put : if the last sequencer step (16) is active, step 1-4 wont play, while all other steps with the same distance between them are triggered just fine.

    EDIT: Its literally the next step after the 16th that isn't played, like it could be 1-15. For example, if 16th is active, and 5, 5 wont play. But if you have step 16, 5 and 6 active, 16 and 6 (and others after 5) will play, but not 5.

    This is a real bummer for me, i hope it's no faulty unit.

    I try to make a video later on to illustrate the problems

    Hope you can help me!

    Greetings, clockwise
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    Here are the Videos:

    Step sequencer misbehaving:

    Snapshots not working:

    Again, i hope you can help me!


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    Same Step Sequencer problem here!

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    Hey guys, did you solve this issues?

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