Traktor DJ looking at new controllers.. Thoughts?
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    Default Traktor DJ looking at new controllers.. Thoughts?

    I am a traktor DJ and have always used traktor. I like it but thats also all i really know. I have an s4 MK1 and need to replace it since i have a newer mac and they don't work together.
    THE REAL QUESTION, buy a new s4 or make a change? I have been looking at the DDJ-SX. One major benefit i see is that it can be a stand alone mixer.

    What are the thoughts out there?

    DJ Kyle

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    Buying a DDJ-SX to use Traktor is like buying quality time with a hooker and just talk to her. It's fine, but it's a waste of money

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    Why wouldn't the S4 mk1 work with a newer Mac? I use an S2 mk1 with a new MacBook Pro and have no problems (knock on wood). I don't think the Pioneer will give you much more than a name and an emptier pocket (so long as your S4 is still functioning properly). Especially, if you are sticking to Traktor as Student noted.
    But, then again... You're talking to an old school guy who still has his 1200's from 1987. If something works, master it and use it until it stops working or no longer fits your needs

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