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    Default Bionic - July techno mix

    Start of the summer period with a brand new techno mix. New mp3's mixed with good old vinyl as usual.

    1) Intro: DJ Rush - Freaks on a Hubbard
    2) Twowork - I Love Techno
    3) Xilinox - Unnatural
    4) Paul Begge and Philipp Centro - Analog Rave (Ronny Vergara Remix)
    5) Subforce - Convert
    6) Goncalo M - Are You Afraid
    7) Eric Sand - Shake Your Booty
    8) Motor - Junker
    9) Doxa - Noisee
    10) Ethan Fawkes - Go Away
    11) Boriqua Tribez - Machete
    12) AnGy KoRe - With the Cocaine
    13) DJ One Finger - One Finger (Danny Casseau Remix)
    14) Goncalo M - Feeling Alive
    15) Jamie Bissmire - Number and Measure (Chris McCormack Remix)
    16) Karl O Connor and Peter Sutton - Let Them Bleed
    17) Redhead - Wiepie
    18) Killian - Carnaval
    19) Tellurians - The Navigator (DJ Misjah Remix)
    20) Umek - Sweet Back
    21) Surgeon - Over Kosovo

    Enjoy and have a nice summer!

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    I listened to your mix on my Sony Headphones at work. Here's my feedback.

    - Thanks for the proper embed, download link, and tracklist! These things help listeners listen and give you feedback!

    - Liked the track selection ok in general, although some tracks were a bit too chugga-chugga ringy-ringy style techno for me. What is the track id for the track with the weird mumbly non-english vocal at 18 min? Nice1 on the Danny Casseau remix, seeing "DJ Argonic" on a DJ mix in 2014 is gratifying for us old schoolers...

    - Mixing was pretty good, only heard a couple slightly rough transitions in terms of phasing. Similarly, only a handful of mixes were sub-optimal in their phrasing. EQ was pretty solid but levels were uneven sometimes. I know it can be a challenge with old vinyl and new mp3s. There was a weird spot around 41:45 where it seemed like you might have made a mistake, but it turned out to be on purpose. I enjoyed the small amount of cutting and f/e backspins you did, always nice to hear that with techno.

    Thanks for posting, and keep at it!
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    Thanks for taking the time to listen to my set, and more thanks for taking some more time for thorough feedback!

    The track at 18 min is Junker by Motor. The vocals are just french gibberish, they don't really make sense.
    Danny Casseau is an all time favourite of mine. The guy makes great tracks.

    As for your feedback, I can only agree with your points raised. Some rough mixes, especially the transition to 'Number and Measure', hard to nail that one, but when it's not a complete train wreck it's fine I think. You'll get those tiny mistakes in almost all of my mixes as I always do only one take. In terms of sub-optimal phrasing, that's what I get for playing and recording with freshly bought music that I don't know by heart just yet, maybe I should be using markers or something . I used to know my stuff a lot better 16 to 8 years or so ago when I had the time to get behind the old sl1200s almost daily. Now I'm glad I can squeeze in a session once per month, but it's great playing the music that I like and playing out for a crowd a couple times a year.
    Also agree on getting the levels spot on when transition from mp3 to vinyl and vice versa.

    If you like this mix there's more where that came from on my sound cloud page I will definitely check out yours as well!
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