what to buy Vestax vci or something else like reloop jockey remix 3
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    Default what to buy Vestax vci or something else like reloop jockey remix 3

    Up to now I am using a numark mixtrack controller. Now I want to buy something that's better quality and feel. I found a vestax vci 400 for which I need not sell my kidney. But reading opinions of people they say its not that tight bound with traktor... I also red about some lag of the jog wheels. .. The last... I guess i would be intimidated by the many knobs, steep learning curve and profound mappings. But the vestax looks and i guess feels so appealing. So my question - should I go for it or buy some alternative like reloop jockey remix 3?
    I am using the controller for some deep house nu disco djing - mostly bedroom but I started promoting myself so I guess there would be more of a bar/club sets.
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    All 3rd party controllers have a slight jog wheel lag in Traktor. You can always use the VCI 400 in Serato if you need better jog performance.
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    Do you need it to be a Traktor based controller?

    The NI controllers are the only ones with super zero lag Jog Wheels in Traktor, all other controllers will have the same Jogwheel lag as your current Mixtrack.

    Also bear in mind that the Full version of traktor is not bundled with other controllers which means you need to budget that into the price (unless you have it already).

    All Serato controllers I've laid hands on have great Jogwheel performance out of the box.

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