MacBook Air for Traktor?
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    Default MacBook Air for Traktor?

    Hi there internets.
    Probably this has been asked a dozen of times around here (though I couldn't find anything meaningful after a brief search).
    Recently I've bought a new Lenovo laptop which is totally crap, my sound card won't run on it (MOTU mk3 Ultralite), even my NI Audio 2 has occasional dropouts on it, USB buffer underruns, and all that shit. I've spent ages trying to optimize and figure it out with nothing but even more frustration. I give up, i guess i have to accept switching to a Mac.

    So my question is, anybody out there using any of the latest MacBook Airs? How do you find it? is it able to handle four decks of Traktor Pro with bunch effects and stuff like that? Also how's the input latency in Ableton Live on that thing? I'd love to be able to process synths live on stage. Or should I look into the bigger MacBook Pro's?

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    I have a 2011 MacBook Air that runs Traktor no worries so the current model will be fine processor wise.

    My only concern for you is with your Audio 2 ... Is it the original one or the newer TA2mk2? The original one might have issues with the USB3 or USB power of the latest model MacBook Airs.
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