Hey guys so im gonna post my set from Def Grav's Poolooza 2014. Its a 1 hour Tech House set.

Most of the tunes from this set are from REXETTE records out of Melbourne Australia. After I uploaded the mix I messaged them, giving thanks and gratitude for the free downloads on all their music, just letting them know their music really hit the spot for the show. They were so excited about how much I love their music, promoted their sound, and how well I mixed their tracks they gave me the honor of being THE FIRST OFFICIAL REXETTE LABEL DJ!!!! I dont have any tracks produced so im not an artist on the label yet but the opportunity will be there when I do release tracks. But this is so huge for me!! Ive only been a DJ 9 months and im already getting a huge break! The show that i mixed it at was big enough, the biggest show ive ever played or been to for that matter, but now i get signed to my favorite label with all my current favorite artists as their official label DJ???!?! Im so grateful and just in plain shock over it. Heres their Bandcamp site. Everything is "Pay what you feel" Lots of great talent on there


But would love some feedback on my mix let me know what you think or if there are things I should improve upon. After getting news like this today I feel like I need to step my game up more so some techniques or tips would be much appreciated. I use an APC40 in Traktor Pro 2. Thank you for listening. And if you like the mix go check out the label and go ahead and follow me on Soundcloud.