hi there

I've been doing live performances for a living for about 10 years.

For a little while my midi control set up has been 2 Midi Fighters (a 3D & a spectra) + an ipad with Touchosc to have some additional faders.

Then I switched to Livid Base (basically all I needed into 1 compact controller).

now I really really miss the MF arcade buttons with their absolute 1 / 0 accuracy (the Base's pads & ribbons are a bit erratic) and LEDs (the Base's LEDs are way less bright and only have 7 possible colors & no intensity setting).

All of this to say it would rock to have a compact 32 button MF Pro with midi controlled LEDs just like with the 3D/spectra, something like 2*16 pads, with the additional buttons in the center : bank switches, couple of faders & knobs (why not MF twister knobs ?), all this the size of 2 classic MFs...

(and I guess the same thing could be said about a 64 pad MF)

why didn't I stick to my previous 2*MF & ipad config ? : I like to use a single device. 3 devices take to much place, everything moves during my sets (the MFs and the ipad are a bit light and keep moving with the rumble), and I had to use a USB hub and had several issues with it live. and too much cable. & I like to travel the lightest possible.