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    Question Traktor Vinyl Timecode: What levels are ppl seeing from the decks in Timecode Setup

    Hey all,
    I recently got a pair of SL-1200 MK2 to add to my setup which I plan to use purely for timecode control, however I keep getting a "Low Input" message, and TSP Pro 2 jumps between absolute and relative mode using MK2 timecode vinyl with v2.6.8 of TSP2.

    When I look at the scope in the Timecode settings page, Im seeing one large blue ring and a small orange diagonal line inside the blue ring. The outer blue ring is pretty well formed around the edges, and the orange line is probably about half the diameter of the blue ring. I believe from searching that this shape is how the MK2 control vinyl should look more or less, rather than showing two complete rings like the MK1s did.

    The decks will calibrate, the control isn't perfect but I keep getting the Low Input problem when cueing or scratching.

    I tried swapping the L/R channels over thinking that one channel is not outputting correctly (which would be odd as I have the same problem on both decks) and expected the orange and blue rings to swap position but they stayed the same. I'm not 100% about the carts that came with the decks as they seem pretty tired and Im still waiting for my Ortofon Concordes to be delivered.

    My guess is that it might be due to the levels coming from the decks (as these are connected to the line inputs of my VCI-400EGE) so I was thinking of getting some RIAA pre-amps. I still find it odd that the two rings aren't equal, because the input level in the Timecode setup page shows roughly the same from both channels.

    I dont want to throw money away on pre-amps if this isn't the problem and would like to know what levels ppl are seeing on the timecode setup page when using a turntable connected via a genuine phono input?


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    Quote Originally Posted by Jon-G View Post
    My guess is that it might be due to the levels coming from the decks (as these are connected to the line inputs of my VCI-400EGE)
    TT -> phono inputs
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    Quote Originally Posted by SlayForMoney View Post
    TT -> phono inputs

    Phono output is a lot lower than line, so that is why the input is low. You need to go into a phono input.
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    Get them in a phono it should solve your problem

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