Any opinions on the Behringer CMD PL-1
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    Default Any opinions on the Behringer CMD PL-1

    I'd like to get a in-exspensive single jog wheel controller to go with my F1 and my X1-MK2 and this seems to fit the bill but haven't seen many user reviews on the unit. Can someone chime in on what they like ou dislike about the CMD PL-1 or an alternative to this thanks.
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    Reloop Contour is an alternative. Excellent jog wheel, and I really like the buttons. Very sharp response. My only complaint is the lack of tempo fader, but people find ways to go around that. I've got one for sale if you're interested.

    I can't really think of any other single platter units out there of that form. If you're willing to do CDJ sized, then the Denon SC-2000 is a good choice.

    I think the Behringer PL-1 is fairly popular though. I haven't heard anything bad about it. Haven't used it though so I can't comment too much.
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    Can't recommend enough the Denon SC-2000 Basically, CDJ's you can bring along in your backpack. Only downside: no advanced user mappings
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    My thoughts on PL-1:
    +Good amount of controls (8 hot cues, 8 encoders)
    +Pretty good long pitch fader
    +Pretty solid construction, not top of the line but you don't have to constantly fear the unit breaking down

    -jog wheel isn't that great, it's way too light (still usable for beatmatching)
    -buttons are hard plastic

    For the price, I can recommend PL-1 IF you don't need super tight jog wheel functions and can live with the clicky plastic buttons; I like my PL-1 but can't recommend it outright for everyone.
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