Hi Guys,

Just to start off: I have looked all over the web for fixes to the problem I'm about to describe, nothing has worked so far.

Problem: I have this Twister FX Macro mapping set up for my midi fighter twister. It works like a charm. However, when I activate the FX knobs I get a 'popping/cracking' sound in my mix. Here's the thing: I have no issues whatsoever with traktor pro 2.6 itself, not ever had any popping or cracking, so it appears to be something related to the midi fighter. Has anyone got any ideas as to what is causing the problem here? It can't be the performance of my pc as it is a sick rig. My latency in traktor is 11.2 ms, which is decent, messed with sample rates (258/512), no joy. Also used latency mon - it didn't expect me to have any troubles.

I am aware that windows 8 has issues with audio as a whole. However if that was the main problem I would expect to have troubles with my S4 as well.

If anyone has any idea's i'd love to hear them,

Thanks in advance,