Brank spanking new cd mix from myself. Crank at your peril.

Synaptic Seepage ~ Mixed by Jester
Genre/Style: Full On Psytrance
Length: 1:19:57

Sinerider, Sonic Species - Alien Technology [24/7 Records]
Mechanimal - Contact [Mutagen Records]
Outsiders & Kali - Time Machine [TIP Records]
Audiotec & Faders - Artificial Mind [TIP Records]
Sinerider - New Horizon [24/7 Records]
Blazed - Higher Dimension [Phantasm Records]
Electric Universe - The Prayer (Spirit Architect Remix) [Dacru Records]
Mirok - Electrical Signals [Grasshopper Records]
Laughing Buddha, Space Tribe - Mind Altering Technology [Nano Records]
Killerwatts - Psychedelic Liberation (Sonic Species Remix) [Nano Records]
Outsiders & Burn In Noise - Burning Out [Digital Om Productions]
Avalon & Mad Maxx - The Ritual [United Beats Records]
Laughing Buddha, Lucas - Neutrino Storm [Nano Records]
Spirit Architect, DJ Djantrix - Cosmic Dust [Maharetta Records]
Electric Universe - Inifinite Space [Dacru Records]

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