fader fx ... does it still work the same ?
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    Default fader fx ... does it still work the same ?

    Hi all,

    The fader fx theory video that ean did some time back now talkis about the fact that you can use buttons to load banks of efx. It states you can load something like 8 different sets of fx. Is this still right and if so is there anything anywhere that tells you how to do this as the fadre fx vid doesnt really tell you how to do just that you can.


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    You can use one button, with no MIDI translation, to select an almost unlimited amount of effects, set a default value and turn them on or off. You can then have as many faders/knob as you can spare (or as many translations as you can write mapped to one fader/knob) to control them.

    In Traktor, all you need to do is use the Direct feature of the FX Banks to select individual effects.
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    i know i could do the whole mapping myself but what was the whole fader fx video about ? was this not talking about functionality that was built in to the tsi?
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