5+ port USB hub with small power supply?
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    Default 5+ port USB hub with small power supply?

    I've been searching for a nice USB hub that is compact for travel. Needs to be powered so I can plug all my controllers into it & preferred more than 4 ports. All the ones I have found that are nice looking come with a MONSTROUS power supply.

    I'm really fond of this design, but watching the youtube reviews on it, the power supply is practically bigger than the hub! http://www.ianker.com/product/68ANHUB-B10A

    I also like this one http://www.ianker.com/product/68ANHUB-S7A or the similar one from Satechi http://www.satechi.net/index.php/com...k-and-mac-mini

    Or also this guy http://www.ianker.com/product/68ANHUB-B7A

    but again, they all come with huge BRICKS of a power supply that are practically as big as an XBOX360 power supply.

    So DJTT forums, is there a nice looking powered portable USB hub out there that doesn't come with a gigantic power supply for it? maybe even one with the power supply built into the unit?

    and yes, I have read the thread on usb hubs posted in the past

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    I use this one, actually. It's a great hub, but you're right, the power supply is as big as the hub itself.

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    The DUB H7 has a supply as small as can be expected, it's similar in size to the hub but by no means a "brick".

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