Which mixers offer filter EQ as an option?
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    Default Which mixers offer filter EQ as an option?

    I have a Xone DB2, and exclusively use the filter EQ option for all mixing. I feel like I could never go back to mixing with the traditional 3 or 4 band setup. I love my DB2, but have considered also purchasing an all analog mixer.

    Besides the DB2 (and DB4), what other mixers (analog or digital) offer this feature?

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    I want to say the Korg Zero 4... but I am not 100% sure if I am remembering correctly.
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    Damn, no other current products? That seems crazy, but Google isn't turning up any useful information.

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    Korg Zero 4 definitely does have it filter EQ is three of the eleven EQ options. I'm not aware of any analogue mixers that have a filter EQ, only digital ones that have it as an option like the Zero or the Allen & Heath. It's not a standard choice so I think you'll be out of luck as far as purely analogue mixers go.

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