Hi all

I've been playing with Lemur on the iPad to control Traktor, and have read a lot of criticism of non-physical knobs, unresponsiveness of glass etc, which I agree with.

The thing I like about the Lemur app is that you can have limitless layouts and tabs, and you can tell which one you're on!

I've looked at various controllers like the QuNeo or Livid Base, which allow extensive customisation and mapping.

One of the things that strikes me as missing on those, is the labeling on controls - how are you supposed to remember all your mappings (apart from extensive repetition and practice), and aren't you liable to make major mistakes if you get it wrong? For example, if you have mapped different layers or levels, which make the controller do entirely different things? You have nothing to tell you what layout you're on.

Forgive me if I'm missing something that's already been invented (I'm new here), but is there not a case for creating a hybrid controller like the QuNeo with it's excellent physical feedback and versatility, but with a way of displaying current mappings by way of labels?