4 Ch. Midi Mixer & Audio Interface Wanted
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    Default 4 Ch. Midi Mixer & Audio Interface Wanted

    Hi guys,

    Im searching for an 4 Channel Midi Mixer and an Audio Interface to mix "In the Box".

    I dont find an 100% Solution. Id like to have 5 Rotary with Center latch in a Row over Each Fader. (The top Button could also be Endless with push) and i need a high power headphone output.

    The nearest solutions are :

    A&H K2
    but missing one knob for each Channel and has low power headphone output.

    Behringer MM1
    Layout is perfect but i read there is a high "Midi Latency"/Slow response over Midi.
    Can anyone say something about this ?

    Livid DS1
    No Rotary Center position latch ?!??

    Which 2Stereo Channel Audio Interface has the loudest Headphone Output?

    Thanks for your help.


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    Livid DS1 is my choice. They can build you a custom pots with a center De-Tent if you really wish for them

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    I don't personally have any latency issues with MM-1. It may be just me, since I don't usually do anything super hectic, but IMO latency is low enough to be not noticed. It's mixer controller, not platter or drum pad, so you don't need lowest possible latency. Except for scratching, probably, but I know nothing of that topic anyway, so I don't really know if Traktor internal xfader or MM-1's xfader are any good for that.

    Traktor Audio 2 has pretty high output volumes; can't say if it is the loudest, but it gets pretty loud.
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    Latency does not become problematic unless you start using plugins. Try throwing in 2 vst or audio unit plugins into a SEND/RETURN rack, throw a EQ 8 and limiter on the master rack of Ableton. It ain't pretty..

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