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Invisible Landscapes 015 - The Carrington Event - Mixed by Jester

Cosmic Replicant - Stellar Flares
Astropilot - Farscape
Circular - Synchronous
Unusual Cosmic Process - Sanctuary
Oliver Lieb - Dreamfields
Astropilot - Gravity Free (Olexa And AstroPilot Remix)
Solar Fields - Insum (2014 Remix)
Cell - Vapor
Astropilot - Distant Worlds
Connect.Ohm - Evolution 1:1
Anthony Paul Kerby & Tomas Weiss - Discovery
Solar Fields - Blue Moon Station (Remastered)
Chronos - Soaring In Abyss
Aes Dana - Haze
E-Mantra - Harmonic Waves (Re-edit)
Zero Cult & Suduaya - Rising Sun

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On the morning of September 1, 1859, amateur astronomer Richard Carrington ascended into the private observatory attached to his country estate outside of London.
After cranking open the dome’s shutter to reveal the clear blue sky, he pointed his brass telescope toward the sun and began to sketch a cluster of enormous dark spots that freckled its surface.
Suddenly, Carrington spotted what he described as “two patches of intensely bright and white light” erupting from the sunspots.
Five minutes later the fireballs vanished, but within hours their impact would be felt across the globe.

That night, telegraph communications around the world began to fail; there were reports of sparks showering from telegraph machines, shocking operators and setting papers ablaze.
All over the planet, colorful auroras illuminated the nighttime skies, glowing so brightly that birds began to chirp and laborers started their daily chores, believing the sun had begun rising.
Some thought the end of the world was at hand, but Carrington’s naked eyes had spotted the true cause for the bizarre happenings: a massive solar flare with the energy of 10 billion atomic bombs.
The flare spewed electrified gas and subatomic particles toward Earth, and the resulting geomagnetic storm—dubbed the “Carrington Event”—was the largest on record to have struck the planet.

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