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    havent mixed in like 6 month and decided to do it today.. my problem when mixing is that if transitions sound bad then mix is ruined for me..(just loose motivation after that) it has to sound as smooth as possible.. but now I am trying not to take it in to me and just continue mixing and fail to learn

    leave some feedback if you have any

    1.Hot Since 82 - Planes & Trains (Dosem Remix)
    2.Dosem - Star Safari (Original Mix)
    3.Kubeck - Tribalismo (J&S Project Remix)
    4.Christian Smith, Wehbba - Second Life (Original Mix)
    5.Axel Karakasis - Day Of Fun (Original Mix)
    6.Mattew Jay - Boreal Dust (Original Mix)
    7.Jay Lumen - No Money No Honey (Original Mix)
    8.Jewel Kid - Arc En Ciel (Original Mix)
    9.Sam Paganini - Shade (Mattew Jay Remix)
    10.Redhead Marco Bailey - Start And Play (Original Mix)
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    I can't agree more about how hard it feels after several months of not being attached to the decks. Sometimes you're just not feeling it and other days it's like you can do no wrong.

    I've noticed that it takes me about an hour of solid failure in order to get back in the groove (is that a pun?) of mixing music. If you're risk averse or your own worst critic, try picking tracks in the same bpm with fairly standard beats (so maybe not IDM or that Queen/Hendricks/Tiesto/Skrillex 4-way mashup right off the bat) AND stuff that you're familiar with. If it's been a while you need to redevlop the muscle memory that we take for granted when we're really into the mix. I know this may sound simple but this how everyone everywhere does it (sports, classical music, video games, etc.). It usually takes me about an hour to get the lead out and feel comfortable with my hearing and command of the controllers.

    I definitely feel you about losing motivation if it doesn't sound perfect for that first hour, but there's not a single person that doesn't need a little warm up after a few months of inactivity, so hopefully that helps when you're thinking about whether to shut it down or soldier on. Once you're warmed up, though, don't be afraid to move outside of your comfort zone and try some off the wall music (or pick things at random). You may discover things about rhythms or frequencies in the tracks that you never considered before. For example, did you know that Led Zepplin's "When the levee breaks" is more or less in 140BPM? You can thank the drunk guy requesting it in the middle of a house party I did a few years ago. Sometimes trying to 'make it work' leads to some real musical genius.

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