I have had a Numark Mixtrack Pro running with Traktor Pro on a Windows Vista PC no for around 3 years, using my own custom mappings where everything worked perfectly exactly as it should.

I recently upgraded to a newer more powerful PC running Windows 7. Seeing as it is more powerful it is capable of running Traktor LE 2 that came bundled with the Mixtrack Pro. I have followed the instructions found here http://www.numark.com/kb/article/1536 to the letter, yet have not managed to get my Mixtrack to work. The first problem I have is that when the setup guide gets to the point where it says "Select your Setup - Track Decks + 2 Sample Decks (Scratch), this option is simply not displayed when running the setup wizard, instead the final question I am asked is "Are you using an External Mixer", which I am not. I am pretty sure the 'Select your setup' option is crucial to the Mixtrack working, so I am baffled as to why I am not given this option.

The next problem is when selecting 'Mixtrack Pro' from the 'device' section of 'controller setup', apparently the 'ports option should be set to 'all ports', Instead, it says 'n/a' and the only option I am given is 'none'.

I decided I would uninstall Traktor LE 2 and install the Traktor Pro that I had running on my old PC, doing it this way I thought I would simply be able to import the .tsi file exported from the old PC and should work no problems. However it just doesnt. There doesnt seem to be a midi signal coming from the Mixtrack, however I know the Mixtrack is not faullty as it still worked perfectly on my old PC!

This problem is driving me crazy, I have searched high and low on the internet for a solution and found nothing that has worked. I have finally decided to sign up here and just see if anyone has any idea what the problems could be, any help at all would be much appreciated!