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    Spent a little time with this today at a DJ show. Interesting piece... Figured I'd give some quick take aways.

    Much smaller than I anticipated. Maybe slightly bigger than my S2. Thin and compact. Definitely good to throw in a backpack.
    Screen is nice. Not ultra high res. but does the job well. Shows the wave form and the user crates to load well as visible feedback for fx knobs. You can truly shut your laptop cover and play.
    Knobs and faders are pretty nice. Although the eq knobs are a bit tight for my fat fingers (Carl Cox would never be able to use one of these lol). Decent quality.
    Not a fan of a the touch controls but they can be turned off.
    Jogs are on the small side. Closer to an NI S than the NS7

    Overall... A nice piece. I think it will take more away from the Pioneer market than the NI market.
    If I were a Serato guy with smaller fingers, I would have left here with one. Compact and good quality.
    Those who say screens are not a big deal have never come in contact with something like this. And I was in the "screens are no big deal camp". Not perfect, but I like where things at going.

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