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    This is going to sound really noobish but I just got the traktor s4 and a pair of Rokit 6's. I have no idea how to set it up to get sound. I went to radio shack and purchased 2x RCA cables (red, white, yellow). Where do I plug everything in and how do I get the speakers to work?

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    You can either split the RCA'a, or use XLR or XLR>TRS or just straight TRS cables. I would use the XLR's personally.

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    Could you explain what it means to spilt the RCA cables? So there are 3 plugs on each end (yellow, white & red) making it 6 altogether .... How do I set it up?

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    You don't need the yellow - that's for video. If you are to use the RCA's, you'll only need the Red and White cables.

    BUT - since the Rokits don't have an RCA input anyway, you'll need to either:

    a) Buy new cables (like the ones Jester suggested - either XLR>TRS, or TRS), or;
    b) Buy adaptors (RCA - TRS) like these:

    Personally, I'd buy a nice set of cables (like these or these - you'll need TWO) but that's just me.

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    Rockits do have an RCA input, so just use RCA to RCA, so out of the master (RCA) on the S4 to the KRK input (RCA) red to the right speaker white to the left.
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    My RP6s have RCA inputs on the back but balanced cables would be ideal.

    red on the right white on the left and you are done. If the cables are stuck together you can probably spread them apart easy enough.

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