Hi guys,

I bought my first pair of decks Nov '13. I bought a reconditioned Stanton DJC.4 for 235 and it has been awesome.

Incredibly solid feel, real quality piece of kit. Much more so than the Mixtrack Pro 2 i had the misfortune of using one night.

but after a year of abuse and thousands of miles of traveling have caused some serious damage to them. I could repair them but i think its time for an upgrade.

The Stantons can ONLY use Virtual DJ, which is great because I have a portable version on a memory stick that I can run on any computer, no installation. I can set up and play at any event with minimal preparation.

VDJ is awesome, but I feel that if I was to upgrade, I should at least have the option of using other software if I would like to.

I have a list of requirements:

-Sub 300
-Easily portable (DJC4 fits in a laptop bag)
-USB Powered
-Dedicated filter knob
-Headphone out