CD Scratching (which CD player?)
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    Default CD Scratching (which CD player?)

    I'm looking to purchase a CD player that I will only be using for scratching. I'm curious what people who have experience with this think is good. I've only every scratched on turntables (played around on some CDJs) but I need CDs for live use and I want to stay away from laptops (just a preference). I don't mind buying used stuff so I'm really open to opinions.

    Any suggestions would be super helpful! Thanks!

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    This is probably my favorite CD player to scratch on. You'll feel most at home on it coming from turntables:

    My next recommendation would be the Pioneer CDJ line. Especially the mdels after 800, 1000, 850, 900, 2000, and nexus'.
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    Probably the best scratch-friendly CD player currently on the market would be the Denon sc3900. 9" rotating vinyl-topped platter, on a multi-format media player that encompasses all of the features of high-end players- usb/cd, network linkable, full software control, on-screen waveform, quantized looping/cueing for tracks analysed in Denon's Engine software etc.

    It also supports track browsing via iPad (with Denon's Engine app) over a wireless network, giving another non-laptop option while retaining the track-browsing benefits of a bigger screen. They are built like tanks and are fantastic in use.

    Not particularly cheap through (approx 699/deck here in the UK), but in terms of current models there isn't anything else offering all of that with a rotating platter (and still half the price of the high-end Pioneer units).

    Obviously if you aren't fussed about having motorized platters then any mid/high end Pioneer/Denon media player will probably do the job, as they all have a 'vinyl mode' for the jog wheel- pick the one that has the features you want and go from there.

    If you aren't bothered about any of the extra bells & whistles then as mentioned in the post above check out the SL-DZ1200 (motorized platter) used, or an older CDJ800mk2 (static jog-wheel) etc. /
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