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It's a cool tech, but definitely would have been better implemented if the players had wifi built in, like the XDJ-R1 (or Aero) controller (I forget which one has it).
It's the XDJ-Aero that can stream tracks via wifi (up to four devices via the Rekordbox App). The R1 also has wifi, but it is for controlling/FX/track browsing via the Remotebox App.

Though with my Aero I don't tend to stream with wifi, I use a USB (but can still browse the usb/load in tracks and do effects controlling using the Rekordbox app) just to be on the safe side, but it's nice to have the phone app as a backup if the USB goes wrong or I want to grab a track from my itunes cloud/buy one.

Be interesting to see if there'll be a new XDJ device on the horizon or a mark 2 as it's an awesome bit of kit but its a few years old now