Need help with equipment selection
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    Default Need help with equipment selection

    Hello dear community,

    I'm Robert from Berlin and the first thing I have to say is: sorry if my english isn't that well.

    Currently I'm mixing my playlists with Traktor and the NI Traktor Kontrol S2 (mk1).
    (Earlier I added some effects with the Korg Kaoss Pad Quad, but I don't liked it 'cause of the unfrequent control mechanic of the touch pad.)

    I just mixed my stuff at home. No club experience or something else. But I really want to mix for more people.
    When I'm in a club or elsewhere I can see in nearly 99% of the clubs some CDJs from Pioneer. So my fear: I don't have experience with that CDJ and DJM story. So I want to test that stuff at home before blaming in the club.

    My plan: Get some of this cool stuff. A cheap mixer and a pair of CDJs (or similar players).

    So I started my research and done my homework of selection.
    What I wanted is a DVS. First problem: Rane S2 or NI Audio 6. So I decided to mix with Traktor which is more familiar to me 'cause of my gained experience with it. (And because the SL2 is so f*ckin expensive, but why?! )

    Now that the software selection is clear: Do I really need the software (and a DVS) for learning to play with CDJs?
    Answer for me: No. So I decided to buy a nice pair of CD players and a 2 channel mixer. Later I can additionally buy a DVS sound card (right?).

    The CD player: Pioneer? Would be awesome, but they are expensive. So ordering new ones? No freakin way! I watched out for some used CDJ 1000 mk3 on eBay. There are some good offers (350 - 500 for one, is that okay?)
    The other option is to buy some entry level players. There I found the Reloop RMP 2.5 Alpha. They're looking very similar to the CDJs by Pioneer. But I don't really know if they fit my needs.
    What do you think? Grab some used CDJs by Pioneer or some entry level player? Are the entry level players good to gain experience which I can adopt to the CDJs in the club or is it a hole new thing?

    The mixer: This was simple for me. The Allen & Heath Xone 23. A 2 channel mixer with all features I need. No more, no less. The price is fine (275 for a new one) and the quality looks good. There is a 23C version, but I don't know if I need the integrated sound card.
    Can you recommend me a good other mixer? Or maybe a used older one?
    But I have to say: The mixer isn't my main focus. Focus is still on the cd players.

    In view of a (maybe) new Traktor Pro 3, NI maybe release a new DVS sound card also. For the future I think it's nice when I wait with the DVS until they release the new software. What do you think?

    Thanks for your help and advises!

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    I feel weird because I just now recommended this to someone else, but if you're not attached to having 2 CDJs and a mixer, you could go down the route of an All-in-One CD/USB/MIDI Unit (such as the XDJ-R1 or XDJ-AERO from Pioneer, the Gemini CDMP-7000, or the Numark Mixdeck Quad or Express). It would give you the ability to mix from CDs and USB sticks for a small fraction of the price, and you would still be able to use it to control Traktor should you find yourself nostalgic or simply prefer that workflow.

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    if I were to get CDJs I'd ensure that they are compatible with the rekordbox software as that'll be useful in the club setting.

    there's a write up on the main site comparing the current offerings from pioneer that are compatible..

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