sync 2 F1's (TO THE DOWN BEAT)
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    Default sync 2 F1's (TO THE DOWN BEAT)

    ok first the disclaimer:
    1. if your going to tell me to change my quantize settings please don't reply. I HAVE to have a quantize setting of 4 or more in order to accomplish what i'm after.
    2. if you don't under stand what the DOWN beat its pleas don't reply. i need the tracks i'm sampling to start at the beginning of the sample (the down beat) or again it won't work i.e. if i'm sampling a lead from a song i can't have the lead start 2 beats off from everything else.
    3. yes master tempo is set, i've tried with global quatize/sync on and off and still no luck
    4. i've tried using the F1's as the master tempo and syncing evetyhign else to them... no luck.

    ok that being said.

    Is there ANYONE out there using 2 F1's, Sampling from songs in your library (creating custom remix sets) and getting everything to sync ON THE DOWN BEAT. (sorry for the caps i just can't stress the down beat enough)

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    You can alter the point at which the sample starts, which would be the downbeat in your case. It's in the manual somewhere.

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    I know you said "don't tell me to change quantise settings" - but:

    Turn OFF quantise. Turn ON snap.

    Set the deck you are sampling FROM as the tempo master, and turn sync ON on the F1 that you are sampling TO. Hit capture on the F1 and set the sample size to your desired length, then hit the pad on the downbeat (or very slightly before the downbeat) that you want to populate with the sample from the master deck.
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    It's this buttons. But, first ensure to have your tracks perfectly in sync before taking them to the "butcher"

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