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    Cool Gannett's Portable Setup (Cramming multiple controllers into one case)

    I mostly lurk at DJTT, but thought it was time to show my setup! I've been evolving a multi-controller setup since I started out 8 months ago. Primarily a hobbyist, but starting to do enough friends' parties, random gigs, and things that moving my setup was becoming a huge hassle. I decided to set out to put all of my controllers into a single case for easy portability.

    I started with a 24" ATA pedal board case:

    (That's a 15" laptop briefcase for scale. Case is probably a little too large to flight carry-on, but it's ATA certified so should be fine as check-in).

    Gear in packed position:

    The top piece of the case comes off completely--I cut grooves into the eggshell foam to fit my keyboard stand arms. The bottom case has rubber feet already attached. The case is wider than club mixers, so for a DJ booth scenario ideally it could sit above the mixer (if the CDJs/turntables have decksavers or something on hand). Worst-case scenario everything is velcro-ed in place and can be removed.

    Gear connected to laptop:

    Hardware (left to right):

    - Native Instruments X1 mk2
    - RME Babyface
    - Midi Fighter Twister
    - Midi Fighter 3D
    - Behringer CMD MM-1
    - BlinkyTape (on back of case)

    The RME has XLR outputs for main, so packed in there are XLR to RCA, XLR to 1/4" TRS, and various adapters to go from there.

    On keyboard stand:

    The BlinkyTape runs a few different visualizers with controls mapped to the MM-1.

    Laptop view:

    Software setup:

    - External routing, all outputs sent to Ableton
    - Doubled decks for EQ isolation inside of Traktor
    - MF3D controls Traktor effects with this Instagrat-style mapping

    - Handles cueing/final mixing
    - MF Twister mapped to various post-Traktor effects (mostly washes and other effects to mix between tracks)
    - Some effects are on isolated EQ, some on full track, some on full mix
    - Max patches to help with Traktor EQ isolation stuff

    - Controls BlinkyTape visualizations

    - Records mix (main output on Babyface set to loopback)

    Wish list:

    - Scrolling LED sign to display current track name. It's possible to extract this via Traktor's broadcasting feature. Here's a metadata listener that does it without needing to run a full Shoutcast/Icecast server locally. There are cheap LED name badges that could do the trick. Larger signs are $100+ expensive (even on eBay and places).

    - Super-small MIDI/LED controllers to fit into the dead space for extra indicator lights (right now my deck/Ableton sync lights are on the Twister). I have a VMeter on the way, but seems like the only other option for small stuff is DIY Arduino stuff.

    - A better control surface to replace the MM-1. The built-in hub is nice, but build quality is weak and very little lights up for dark spaces. There aren't many MIDI controllers with crossfaders out there!

    - Stickers for case! I guess I should come up with an actual logo eventually...

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    Nice! What mappings do you use with MM-1/X1? Especially MM-1, does it control Traktor or Ableton?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ozei View Post
    Nice! What mappings do you use with MM-1/X1? Especially MM-1, does it control Traktor or Ableton?
    The X1 is stock mapping on the bottom half. The FX section has been remapped: Buttons control Traktor EQ isolation (reset/high/mid/low), and the encoders control various things (Traktor zoom levels and then FX dry/wet by bank).

    MM-1 controls a little bit of everything: I keep EQ and filter in Traktor, so knobs map to that, but Ableton handles faders, crossfaders, and cueing. Since EQ isolation doubles my decks the middle two channels are free. Some of those controls are mapped to the BlinkyTape setup, and a few are actually unused at the moment. I'll slowly map them to annoyances or whatever as I use it more. (I just replaced a Z1 with the MM-1 when I added the standalone audio interface).

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    Now thats what i call an efficient use of space.
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    Looks like a blast of a setup! I rarely say this in SYS but I would love to see a 10-min mix if you're able! Awesome stuff.

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    Your setup makes me smile. Very good use of space. Nice colors.

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