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    I really don't understand your problem, mate.

    I though tthe problem was that where you HAVE made connections, the gigs just aren't there because people don't like the music you play. And where there ARE people that like the music you play, you haven't been able to make the connections and get the gigs that you want (or the town/city is too far away).

    Either way, the solution to that problem is BE WHERE YOU need to be.

    BUT - you are not able to move because of your posting. So, the solution to your problem is not in your power to grant to yourself.

    So my question for you guys is do i just give up on it and move on to doing my life long dream of producing music, or suck it up and wait for the stars to align and get a gig.
    Give up on DJ'ing? If it's something you love doing, how can the opinions of a bunch of strangers on a forum influence whether or not you continue doing it?

    Life long dream of producing music? If that's the case, why aren't you already doing it? There's TONS of free software that would allow you to get your feet wet and have a go at it.

    I understand your problem - you're a very busy guy, and want to make the most efficient use of your free time. That's perfectly understandable. But, unfortunately, these decisions are not something that you should be sharing on a forum. They're hard, and you might have to try and fail at a couple of things before you REALLY understand what it is that you love doing, and then dedicate your precious free time to that.

    Not sure what you expect from this thread. Not sure if I've helped you or frustrated you further.

    Not even sure why I've just written all of that???
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    Quote Originally Posted by shawnyboy998 View Post
    My dream since i was a teenager years ago was to become a touring edm superstar. Now, that is very unrealistic but i have to try. So if that means i have to give up one love to begin another. I will do it.
    I don't know you. So, I can't be sure how realistic it is for you as an individual to become a "touring edm superstar"...but in general, the odds are WAY against you. There is a LOT of hard work to get yourself to the point that you can take advantage of opportunities that present themselves mostly as a matter of LUCK.

    There are about 100,000 high school seniors playing foot ball this fall. About 215 of them will make it into the NFL. I am sure that more than 215 have the dream of starting in the NFL.

    There is nothing wrong with having dream. There is nothing wrong with chasing a dream. There is something wrong with letting that chase bring misery into your life.

    Quote Originally Posted by shawnyboy998 View Post
    So from reading that. What do you guys think i should do. Temporally put my love of djing to the side to produce. Or keep working my ass off to get the djing jobs i desperately crave?
    I still think that "do both" is the right answer. I even think that changing genres to be more compatible with the gigs in your area would be a GREAT decision. If EDM isn't paying the bills....the DJ skills that you need to keep sharp are just as applicable to other genres of music.

    But, putting DJing on the side is likely not going to make you any happier than switching genres and DJing music that you do not currently like.

    Quote Originally Posted by shawnyboy998 View Post
    Again. I'm sorry for coming off as an asshole in my post and seeming to dish on anyone who uses a laptop or sync or anything like that. I truly did not mean to offend you. So please forgive me for that one moment of assholeness.
    Hopefully this is a step into a larger world. There is no one true path to being a "DJ." I am primarily a mobile DJ who does weddings...but I sit in for friends at clubs (I am safe to bring in to sub since there is ZERO chance I will try to steal the gig). There is more mixing in a club, but WAY more stress at a wedding. They are difference, and each has its own rewards.

    I am also a military brat....so I get the lifestyle of not knowing where you will be living in 3 years. The best life lesson that taught me is to grow wherever you are planted.
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    thank you guys, everything you have said has really been an eye opener. i greatly appreciate all the advice you have given me. And i have finally made up my mind and listened to what most of you have been saying. Continue on with both. I am currently signed up for music production classes in boise state so ill begin those soon. And with doing that. i hope to get more contacts and meet like minded people who want to make music just like me. And I'm not in this to become a edm superstar like i posted before. i worded that horribly again. I grew up listening to showtek, bassjackers, blasterjaxx. All of them helped carved me into the dj i am today. I love music, i love making people with the same taste in music jump to it and forget all the stresses of that week or month and just relish in the moment. And thats what those three did to me by producing their music, and i want to do it for people too. I want my music to move people. Thats what i truly meant by saying i want to be a edm superstar. Because tiesto, matrix garrix and the bunch all have their music around the globe changing peoples lives in little ways and i want to do that too.

    so once my classes begin, i hope to do that someday too. Again, you guys can be ass's at times, but i a truly grateful for what you have all said. It has steered me from being 'that' asshole judgmental dj to wanting to make music that make people happy. All with the tough love of this forum. So thank you.

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    Default They go hand in hand

    Producing and DJing are like two lovebirds who dance the night away in another galaxy.

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    just do what makes you happy. dont force yourself to do anything you are skeptical. i find that you will be happy in the long run especially from your everyday life schedule

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