Mode Selector Toggle with one button?
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    Default Mode Selector Toggle with one button?

    Okay so im trying to map a Mode Selector toggle with one button. Essentially i want to hit button "x" and have it go to "Beat jump", and then hit it again and it goes to "Loop" and visa versa. Is this possible? Im trying to save on button space and i tend to switch back and forth on these quite a bit anyway. I already have the Move and Size Selector functions mapped out but i would like them to be double purpose all the while not having to use up 2 buttons that could be better utilized with something else. I have attached a modifier in all kinds of weird ways and tried about every combination i can think of(including the mod conditions.) Im beginning to think it cant be done.

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    Hey, you should set one button to be a toggle type modifier. This will be your Mode Selector button.

    Add in Modifier 1 (or any other)
    Modifier conditions / M1=0
    Type of controller=button
    Interaction mode=direct
    Set to value=1

    Add in Modifier 1
    Modifier conditions / M1=1
    Type of controller=button
    Interaction mode=direct
    Set to value=0

    So if you got it all set up correctly you should have the Modifier button which now toggles in between two states (value 0 and value 1) each time the button is pressed. Now assign one state to your Beatjumps (M1=0) and the other one to your Loops (M1=1) and you're good.

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    Wow! That was too simple! I swear i tried that last night but it was quite late. Feel free to delete this thread if you want, i feel silly

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