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    Default i cant understand why it wont work delete hotcue led novation launchpad

    i am building an edit of Rasti Tkac DJTT Launchpad Remix Decks mapping
    because i also wanted to run track decks from a&b
    this is my first real attempt at mapping and i have got the functionality that i want but i can get the damn delete hotcue leds to turn off when i delete a hotcue
    also any help with making the set hotcue leds run one color loaded and another when firing

    here is the link to the tsi
    thanks in advance

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    Default almost there..


    What you need to do is this:

    1. add in a "select/set + store hotcue" and set to the right values and hotcue.
    2. add in a "delete hotcue" also with the right settings.
    3. add out a "hotcue X type" for the hotcue u need.

    Note that when you use a self made shift button (modifier) to delete a hotcue, that it works best to map it twice, once for the modifier state in wich you set and store the hotcue and 1 for when your holding your shift button.

    Hope it helps.

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