OK so I've had my VCI400 for about a year now and running it with Traktor Pro 2.

At the time I went for it rather than a Traktor S4 with the view to starting to use Serato Ė which I never did do, and just stuck to using Traktor.

Having been searching the forums for an answer, Iíve still not found any answers so apologies if Iíve missed a post!

Iím after someone whoís got experience with both the VCI400 and the S4.

The faders on the VCI400 always tend to be a bit slow reacting compared to a normal mixer. Does anyone find the same with the S4?

How easy are the mappings on the VCI400 compared with the S4? Took quite a while to find a map which was appropriate to what I required. Where as Iím guessing the S4 should in theory be a lot more set up and ready as theyíre both NI?

What are the inputs like on the S4 for say connecting CDJs? On the VCI400 I just canít get them to work Ė which is frustrating!

Any advice would be much appreciated!