Recently purchased an X1 Mk2 and an X1 to replace my old S4 and have been having some issues connecting them both to traktor at the same time.

I recently upgraded traktor 2.6.2 to 2.6.8, which is a mistake I always make because I always assume no problems will come with the new update.

I can get the x1 to connect to my backed up version of 2.6.2 and my x1 mk2 to the 2.6.8, but I can't get them to connect at the same time on the same version of traktor.

Has anyone had any luck connecting them both with traktor?

Also, I have a DJM 850 as my audio output, and have my mac upgraded to whatever the most recent update is. (I am typing this from my girlfriends computer otherwise I would be specific.)