Help with setup (newbie).
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    Default Help with setup (newbie).

    I just got the following equipment and I'm at a total lost as to how to set it up. It didn't come with any user manuals and finding some sort of tutorial online is near impossible for my exact equipment:

    -2 rokit5 krk speakers
    -2 stanton str8.150 turntables
    -1 numark m3 mixer
    -1 traktor a10

    Any kind of help is appreciated!

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    Do you want to use the turntables as DVS system? Or do you want to use the A10 to record your mixes? Any software or computer to route in/out?

    Without computer integration:
    Connect the mixer to the speakers via RCA cables. The left signal goes to your left speaker into the unbalanced input and the right signal -of course- to the right speaker. The mixer has no xlr out, so be sure to use the unbalanced RCA input on the speakers.
    Connect your turntables to the mixer via RCA, too. Newer turntables can be toggled between phono & line output. Make sure you connect them to right inputs on your mixer. That´s the classic set up.

    With DVS system:
    If you want to use the A10 for DVS functionality, connect the turntables to the A10 and route the signals into the mixer and set up the A10 in your software. In there should be an installing wizard which shows you how to set up the DVS functionality.

    A10 to record mixes:
    Route the signal from your mixer´s record output to a line-input of your A10. Record with your favorite software.

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    What about the research you were supposed to do before buying all that gear?
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