I haven't played as much as I have wanted in the recent few years, just keeping steady and getting more wax in.
Sold the setup some time ago for an investment (1200, Nuo2, Audio 8), but now the time has come for a new setup.
No idea about the future workflow or what I'm looking to do, just trying to get some gear in to try things out.
I've already got a new pair of new pair of Technics, no question in that, but I'm doubting in the choice of mixer and additional controller. I could get a Xone:92 or a 4D for about the same price locally. Since I have had a controller in the past, taking the 4D club for regular nights seems pretty much out of question so I would have to get an A8/10 and some MIDI controller in addition for both the 92 and the 4D. With getting the 4D I would have the fun of leaving my A8 in the bag at home and additional controls for maybe more complicated sets or lives. With the 92 I could have the 4ch EQ, another pre-amp and additional 2 channels. Any opinions on this?