Good Electro, Electro House, House Music. Chill Tunes To Mix On The Fly
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    Default Good Electro, Electro House, House Music. Chill Tunes To Mix On The Fly

    Hey Guys.

    I want some good tunes to mix on the fly. Any electro house, electro artists or song that have a great melody, such as piano, or synth anything like that with some drops but not very heavy drops. If you all know what I man.



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    Finding tunes is your job mate, you shouldn't ask anyone to do it for you. If you are more specific, people may be able to help you, but right now you're just being lazy and no one will like that.

    If you don't know how to find tracks, I'd suggest that you find tracklists of mixes that you like, select the tunes that you want and look for more music from their labels. If you keep doing that, you'll have tonnes of music soon. Good luck!

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    You are missing out on one of the more unique and fun aspects of being a DJ - finding those tracks and digging for gems. It is okay to ask for some cool labels that may fit the bill but honestly every other DJ is going to be doing so much work finding music, none of them will opt to just give away that type of information.

    Do the footwork yourself and you will appreciate your music more because of your effort. It's just part of the deal.
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    Look up some melbourne bounce its electro but not super thrashy and rather easy on the ears. Not all of it, but most of it.

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    It's a wide and very broad question to be honest.

    Are they relaxed tunes to begin a set with that leads into a bouncing techhouse set? Are they relaxed tunes to fuel a mega-multigenre-house party set? Are they tunes to bop to at a pool party (context notwithstanding?) Or are you asking for seemingly relaxed tunes that fit a BPM steppingstone so you can build to the beatport top 100?

    People can give you starting points for different genres, but what they cant do is give you tunes to fit a certain type of party. If you don't know what type of party/set you're making you shouldn't be doing it.
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