Question regarding CDJ's and Mixer
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    Default Question regarding CDJ's and Mixer

    Hi guys, sorry about the noob question but this has been bugging me for ages! I've had a search around online but I still don't feel very clear on the subject.

    I've recently started mixing and I'm using a Pioneer DDJ-SB controller with Serato intro (going to upgrade to Traktor or Serato full soon) and I'm really enjoying it. But I love the idea of having a CDJ and Mixer set up someday but I don't really know how? This would also apply to if I ever got a gig anywhere or anything like that.

    With CDJ's and mixers, how do you go about using them to control Serato or Traktor? Is this uncommon? I know you can obviously use CD's or USB, but is it easy enough to just connect CDJ's and a mixer to a laptop and use Serato or Traktor? I've seen loads of DJ's using Serato/Traktor in clubs but obviously with CDJ's and a mixer, is this the norm or is it not really ideal?

    Thanks for reading this, any information would be greatly appreciated. Cheers

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    You will need a sound card mate
    Check out some of Native Instruments audio interfaces - probably the Audio2 is right choice for you. They are great and you get a copy of traktor in the same pack.

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    You can use the soundcard of the cdj or mixer on some pioneer gear, not on all though.

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