Hi guys, a couple of questions!

1. I'm using traktor timecode cds with a djm850. Have some questions about input/output routing.

So the djm channels 1,2,3,4 by default, correspond with traktor decks, A,B,C,D

My cdjs are routed to pioneer channels 2,3 which are traktor b,c (screen top right and bottom left of traktor)

Is there a way to swap from traktor b,c to a,b? To put the decks in the same level?

Just a minor irritation. How would i route my input/output settings in traktor?

2. My track 3 in timecode cd dosen't seem to work in terms of browsing my library/playlist.

I'm still on version 2.6.1, does the newest version address this issue with track 3 of timecode cds?

I believe the latest version is 2.6.8? Correct me if I'm wrong.

3. Is the cdj "cue" lag time still a problem in 2.6.8? Whereby pressing the cue on the pioneer cdj dosent bring the traktor record back to the exact point that i've cued the record up.