Hi all,

basically here is my Rig,
1) MacBook Pro 15" Retina,
2) Xone K2, (allen-heath)
3) Audio Technica ATH-M50x pro - Headphones,
4) Traktor Mk2 - Audio soundcard, (Old phono version)
5) Xone 22 - 2 Channel Mixer (allen-heath)

I want to be able to carry all of these above safely in a backpack
I had a Tech air Backpack that could easily accommodate my needs except for the new Xone K2 mixer.

Don't want the Mixer in a flight case.
Don't want to carry mixer around in easily damageable conditions.

Want either a different solution for the mixer separately or a single backpack that can help me carry all of these together without hassles.

Can someone please Help!!??
Also Live in India so choices to check the size of backpack's here, is limited and hence can't go about exploring options. Have no particular DJ Stores here. Especially in HYD.
So need solution for shipping to India also if possible.
I can continue using the same Tech air bag for my other gear but how to i carry the mixer around safely??!!