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    Default modular dj setup

    hey guys,
    i'm looking for an modular dj setup.
    i have ableton push and maybe it woud be able to get a xone 92 from my friend.
    alternative i can imagine to use a midifighter twister as stepsequencer with traktor.
    furthermore i would like to buy the traktor x1 controller to controll traktor pro2.

    besides i need a separate audio interface.

    the xone 92 has a midioutput. how i can link the masterclock from xone mixer to traktor? is specialy software necessary to realise this?

    can you give me some tips or other suggestions for thes setup?
    or an other better setuo to your mind?

    sorry for my terrible english!

    Thank you very much for help!

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    I don't think Traktor accepts midi clocks from outside. Ableton does by the way.

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    ^There's an option with the Master MIDI Clock section up in the top-left to accept external MIDI clocks, it's the box labelled EXT.

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