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    Hey everybody, I just got a Launch Control xl a few days ago. Very happy with it so far. I've been waiting for a controller like this for a while now (small, affordable, box of lots of knobs and fader with a highly customizable midi editor). When the Livid DS1 was announced I thought I was going to get that forsure, but then the lcxl came out and was much smaller and more affordable, plus made specifically for ableton which i use. So I ended up with this and I think its great! Its nice and heavy for its size. Very sturdy. Knobs turn smoothly with a decent resolution and resistance to them (Not nearly as nice as the Livid stuff of course). And the knobs have a notch in the center which i find very useful. Faders are decent, coming from my 3 yr old mpk61(whos faders and knobs have stopped working and is why I needed more knobs and faders in the first place). Buttons feel good. The LEDs are cool but I still haven't figured out a way to change the button LED color in the MIDI editor. It's very easy with the knobs LEDs but that option wasn't included for the buttons in the editor. At least in this early version of it. Also, it would have been nice to have full RGB, but the red orange yellow and green suit it just fine. The things that I'm having the most trouble with is the stability and consistency of it. I've finally found a way to make it work for me in a reliable way but it's taken a lot of trial and error. Very buggy at this version of the firmware. For example, when I map the midi on the user bank to midi ch 1, 5, or 9 the knobs would still behave as if I were in factory mode controlling the sends and pan. Finally I tried mapping all the knobs and faders on one User preset to midi ch 3 and it worked normally. Still has the bug when I try 1,5,9 though. Another this is that it does not have a full user manual for it. Hard copy nor digital pdf. There is a getting started guide, programers reference guide, and a few other set up guides, but no actual User Manual.

    Anyone else have the Launch Control XL yet?
    What are your experiences with the controller so far?

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    Bought one today. Works well with Ableton as longs as its up to date. Haven't tried the edtior yet but gonna do a Traktor map over the next few days.
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