VCI-100 firmware 1.4 with high resolution pitch faders and jog wheels
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    Default VCI-100 firmware 1.4 with high resolution pitch faders and jog wheels

    I have a VCI-100 with firmware 1.4 installed. I'm trying to setup a mapping for Mixvibes and have been having trouble getting the jog wheels to work correctly. I had "14 bit" checked in the config thinking this was needed for the high resolution pitch faders and jog wheels.

    I setup MIDI-OX to see what the device was actually outputting. The pitch faders look like they are outputting Pitch Bend values from 4 to 124, 64 at the center. The jog wheels look like they are doing the same but outputting values from 63 to 0 when spinning the wheel backwards, and 65 to 127 when spinning forwards.

    I'm not very familiar with MIDI so maybe I'm missing something. But these numbers look like standard 8 bit 0-127 MIDI values?

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    here is a link to midi note overview of the vci100 fw1.4.

    i donīt know anything about 8bit or 14 bit, sorry.

    but i know the vci sends extra notes. for example: in the middle of the tempo fader it additionally sends midi notes.
    the jogs send different notes when using the outer jog and when the jogs are touched.
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