Sonicwarper: New Physics-Inspired Motion Controller iOS App Need Feedback
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    Default Sonicwarper: New Physics-Inspired Motion Controller iOS App Need Feedback

    Hi DJTT forummers,

    My name is Kevin.

    I am currently building a a physics-inspired motion controller iOS app and I need your feedback on this.

    I love controllers and have seen much of what's out there - but so far, have not seen anything like what I'm creating.

    My product is called Sonicwarper.

    It allows you map physics-inspired motions to MIDI controls in an interface that looks very much like a DAW.

    Sonicwarper supports a library of motions (do check it out at the beta user sign-up site link below). For the purpose of this post, I'd highlight 1 of its motion - "Elastic" - which lets you stretch an invisible rubber band in mid-air and map it's distance, velocity and/or acceleration to your MIDI controls.

    As mentioned, Sonicwarper's mapping interface looks like a DAW. In a DAW, the horizontal axis would be "time", and the tracks would be audio clips. In Sonicwarper's case, the horizontal axis could be "straight-line distance", and the tracks would be MIDI mappings.

    1 possible use case:
    You could add a sequencer track that triggers 6 guitar notes in an open chord to the straight-line distance track, and a graph track (which looks a lot like an automation track in a DAW) to the velocity of the notes. Effectively, you could "strum" your iPhone in an air-guitar like motion to play an air guitar. Like a real guitar, the velocity (rather, the loudness of the notes) can be adjusted by the angle of your strum.

    You can also use Sonicwarper as an aftertouch device, while playing your pad or key controller in the other hand.

    I am looking for interested beta users at the moment. I hope to chat more with interested DJs/electronic musicians on how you may use the product, so as to steer Sonicwarper's vision. I also hope to learn more about your music and how you make them so we may develop better products for you guys.

    Do check out the beta user sign up site at -

    Do sign up to the mailing list if you are interested. I'd contact you shortly.

    Also, feel free to post your questions, love, hate, and other comments here. I'd gladly reply them.

    Further, feel free to send me a personal email at

    Thanks for listening

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    Feel free to ask any questions or voice your opinions in this thread. I'd be happy to hear them out.

    Thanks all.

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