building parts into a mixer
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    Default building parts into a mixer


    I've gotten myself into one hell of a project. I got a Rodec MX180 with an MX100 (for parts) dirt cheap. I want to clean up the MX180, replace all faders, get it serviced at Rodec for any broken or faulty wiring and clean up the case with a nice paintjob.

    That's all doable by myself except for the check-up at Rodec itself. The part I want to change about the working is remove the pan knobs at the bottom of the row and replace them with a filter with the bottom switch as an on/off. Anyone know where I can get filtermodules (does that even exist) which I can put in parallel with the normal channel?

    I also would like to put in a channel readout on all four channels with the same leds that are used in the master readout. what do you guys think? is this doable, or will this cost me an arm and a leg?

    thanks in advance

    pics :

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    Congrats on the purchase, the rodec sound & build is awsome.
    Forget about the changes you are planning to do and try to get it working like new.
    The limited one has seen a lot of play, still working 100% ?

    Don't invest to much in this one, MKIII's can be found cheap and most are in very good condition...
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