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    So i picked this up the other day at Guitar Center and it seems i may have gotten lucky,they dont seem to be available anywhere. I must say this unit is very nice.Build Quality is outstanding and its the perfect size for me. I absolutely love the touch sensitive knobs for fx and it has 3 separate filter knob settings that are excellent.My big gripe at this point is that Numark is marketing this to come with serato flip and a toolroom records remix pack download.Mine did not come with the remix packs.i contacted numark and got 0 answers.Their customer service stinks. so if anyone copped a unit and didnt get it either,let me know pleaseIMG_20140928_160039480.jpg

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    I wast also considering the Numark NV. I had it down to 2 controllers. The NV and the Terminal Mix 8.
    In the end I chose the TM8.

    The one thing that I really liked about the NV were the touch sensitive nobs. Other than that there were some other things that were cool, but I didn't care, such as Serato Flip support, and the screens. At first look the screens seem so cool, but I feel that I would rather have one large screen for my browsing and to see the waveforms all lined up anyway. In the end they are just in the damn way, taking up space.

    I chose the TM8 because of the much larger and higher quality job wheels, the larger velocity pad, and the more spaced out and very well thought out nob/button placement and function. Also love the velocity pad split mode.
    Just a better tool for actually doing things quicker and easier.

    However I would like to see and try the NV for myself, it looks like a nice machine. Just as I was saying the TM8 works for me, everyone has their own way of working so I hope this fits your style and workflow.

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