Edit post seems to delete the original post????
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    Default Edit post seems to delete the original post????

    So I tried editing a for sale post a couple of weeks back but just got a blank space which didn&t make sense so I just added a new short post at the bottom of the thread, but tbh no-one scanning for info on sale gear will look through at every line of a thread when they're browsing, especially something as important as a price drop. I went back today to try again and did the blank edit post thing thinking it might just append it to the original post as that was where I hit 'edit' but it actually erased the whole big original post, pics, links and all and just left the appended price change.
    Big pain in the balls...editing posts on any other site gives you original content to edit, including the title. What a drag...can't face it today....not a happy camper http://forum.djtechtools.com/showthr...144#post698144

    also just noticed that an edited post doesn't get bumped either

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    You did manage to edit the first post. You need to re-add the pic to that post please mate.
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