Please tips for Traktor X1 MK2
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    Default Please tips for Traktor X1 MK2

    Hello to everybody, i am new here and i hope i am not in the wrong site, (also sorry about my english i am from sudamerica)
    Well i have bought the traktor X1 MK2 and i using it with a macbookPro, i like a lot i think is really a good instrument but i have some questions i didnt found in the instruction manual and i just found some in internet.

    1. i want to now how to use all the shift botton funtions, like how to make a loop cue point, how to make a fade in/out cue points, for using the touch strip, etc i have found some in internet but not all

    2. when i make a normal cue point(blue one) is never precise, is like if the program Traktor mark it where he thinks is the first beat or something like that?

    3. also i want to map the MK2 also as a mixer as iam just using it with the computer

    * i am new in Traktor and i have the 2.6.8 and iam using a macBook Pro

    really thanks a lot


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    What I would do is go to youtube do a search on X1 MK2 Tutourial and you should be good for quite a while.
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    1. You'll have to add these functions to a mapping or use a mapping of somebody else that has these functions. The Mk2 itself doesn't have it as standard, but it can be added.
    2. If you turn on snap in Traktor (the "S" button under the main volume knob on screen) the cue point will automatically snap to the grid so that it is where you want it to be (unless of course your grid is wrong).
    3. Look in the midimaps section of this site, there are already some people that have made mappings that do this.

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