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    Default mixer repair cost

    I have a DJM 800 with a non functioning line input on channel 4. Signal comes through the other channnels, and even the phono input on channel 4, but the line seems dead. Anyone ever have anything similar to that repaired? Wondering how much (ballpark estimates welcome) it's gonna run for a repair.

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    you'll probably get a faster response asking a local repair shop for a quote!

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    I would guess at a failed/cold solder joint on rear of the RCA inputs if the phono side works, its a fairly simple job but you need to strip the mixer down. All repair places charge different prices so your best off ringing them.

    On a side not are you sure that channel isn't switched into digital input on the small switch on the back for that channel?


    See where it says line and digital just below to the right of channel 4s inputs, make sure its on line.

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