Completely stuck trying to use USB soundcard to cue tracks.
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    Default Completely stuck trying to use USB soundcard to cue tracks.

    Im using a macbook pro (mavericks), a DJ Control MP3 E2, and a Sweex 7.1 USB soundcard.

    I basically want to use the soundcard to cue up the mixes, and then use the in built audio on my mac to listen to the master sound. For the life of me I cant get it to work. If anyone could help I'd be ridiculously grateful. Cheers guys.

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    Make sure your audio routing is correct.
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    I'm not a Mac user - but the term "aggregate device" springs to mind.

    You will "aggregate" your built in audio and your USB audio devices into a single "aggregate" device, which you should be able to select in Traktors preferences and assign one as maser, and one as cue out.

    EDIT: In fact, you SHOULD be able to set up a total of FOUR stereo outs (3 from teh USB, and 1 from the built-in sound card).

    EDIT2: You shouldn't even need to aggregate your devices. Just select the relevent stereo ppair from the USB card in Traktors preferences...
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    Cheers for the replies. I'm not sure if its as I cant get the drivers for the soundcard on mac. It gets picked up as USB sound card on my mac, but not the make. In Traktor I selected the Aggregated device. Tried all didd routing combination and still it seems that the sound card only controls my macs sound, I can't separate it

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    On 7.1 cards on the Mac, you need to specify you are using all the channels on a sooundcard or it defaults to stereo

    You need to go into audio/midi setup and click your USB soundcard

    From the dropdown menu which probably currently says 2 ch 16bit integer you should be able to choose 4ch 16 bit integer (or similar).

    Now 4 channels will be enabled and you can choose them in your dj software.

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