Video for bar monitors?
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    Default Video for bar monitors?

    I have a gig at a bar friday night (first fully legit paid one woot!) and I'd like to make a video with my name on it that I can play on their tv, either from a dvd or I have a vga cable out from my macbook. Anyone have any advice on making a short video that might have maybe some nice looking pics and fades with neat effects on it? Or have any videos they could share so that I could find some inspiration?
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    iMovie....i know its on your MB. You can create what your try to do. Put a bunch of videos and put them on ur iPod and get urself a video out cable, and now you have control on whats on the tube. I do that at the bar that I play at on sundays.
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    Arkaos vj 3.5. With this you can do either live vj mixing synced to your music with video out. Or you can premix a video & burn it to dvd. Its a very cool & Simple software to use. But this way you can customize your video. Basicly you can edit text/ effects/ pics/ video. I DL it for free on for free.

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